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emotional hardcore

1905, after school knife fight, amanda woodward, analena, anemo, angel hair, antioch arrow, assfactor 4, belle epoque, boy's life, braid, cap'n jazz, children of fall, christie front drive, city of caterpillar, clikatat ikatowi, coleman, converge, current, dag nasty, dead pony riders, denova, diy, elliot, embassy, embrace, emo, emo violence, emo-core, emocore, emotional hardcore, emotional hc, end of the line, envy, european screamo, evergreen, floodgate, fortunae verbera, four hundred years, frail, friction, fuel, fugazi, funeral diner, gantz, get-up kids, gray matter, guyver-1, hardcore, heroin, honeywell, hoover, hot cross, hot water music, iconoclast, ignition, in.stora, indian summer, jawbreaker, jenny piccolo, jets to brazil, joan of arc, john henry west, julia, june paik, kerosene 454, la quiete, late autumn memories, lifetime, lincoln, living war room, makara, marschak, maximillian colby, merel, mineral, mohinder, monsula, moss icon, native nod, navio forge, neil perry, noneleftstanding, oldschool emo, one eyed god prophecy, optimus prime, orchid, ordination of aaron, palatka, party of helicopters, pg.99, policy of three, portaits of past, post-hardcore, pro'spect, promise ring, pyramids, raein, reach out, reversal of man, rites of spring, saetia, samiam, screamo, second story window, shikari, shotmaker, shroomunion, sideshow, silver bearings, sleepytime trio, sora heartless, soulside, split lip/chamberlain, still life, sunny day real estate, swing kids, sxhx, the bride of changes, the hated, the locust, the sons of saturn, to dream of autumn, union of uranus, unwound, usurp synapse, violence, yage, youareinmyseptember, картонка, маршак, пост-хардкор, скримо, хардкор, хк, эмо, эмо-кор, эмо-панк, эмокор, эмоциональный хардкор